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Ensure the peace of mind and protection of your loved ones later on with a Purple Shield Plan

Peace of Mind


Each year thousands of people plan their funerals in advance and document their final wishes. In addition, there is over $1 billion invested into financial vehicles for coverage of final expenses.


Relieve the Burden


The psychological stress after the death of a loved one can be overwhelming for any family. With this, the burden of unexpected funeral expenses adds additional worry to an already stressful situation.

Canada Purple Shield offers a wide variety of funeral insurance and final expense plans. Our products are the result of careful research and years of experience.  

Final Expense Insurance - Canada Purple Shield

Ensuring financial security and the well-being of your loved ones are the main reasons you buy life insurance. Our Canada Purple Shield final expense products are specifically designed to set money aside for the future use of paying for a funeral or cremation at the time of need, in addition to mortgage loans, credit card or other debts you may leave behind. Regardless of your age or health condition we offer an insurance plan to meet your needs.  

The World Wide Travel... passport to a client's peace of mind.

The Worldwide Travel Plan ("Travel Plan") is another example of the wide choice of value-added products offered by Assurant Life of Canada. This plan provides your family with a peace of mind knowing all details will be taken care of if your death occurs while traveling away from home. If a death should occur while out of the country or even just out of town, returning the deceased to their home can be an expensive and complicated process. The Travel Plan takes care of all the details and associated costs.
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We purchased a Purple Shield Plan only a couple of years ago and when my husband died unexpectedly they were there for us right away – such a help to our family!



My wife passed away recently and I was glad that we had a Purple Shield. I took the plan book to Pattison Funeral Home and everything was handled speedily. I’m glad I had a Plan.



My Mother had a Purple Shield Plan. When she passed away we called Personal Alternative. They contacted Purple Shield and we had to arrange nothing.


Our Goal - to Provide Customers with a Safe, Reliable way to plan for and prepay their burial or final expenses
Allan SimpsonCPC General Agent, Alberta:

Allan Simpson

Purple Shield Plan

Canada Purple Shield Plan is underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada®, one of the largest funeral funding companies in Canada.
Our expert knowledge in Preneed is backed by over 50 years of funeral industry experience in Canada.
The Purple Shield Plan is not only prepaying your funeral. It’s about peace of mind and security.